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Director and senior psychologist Chantal Kayem is originally from Montreal, Canada where she did a bachelor and master degree in business administration (M.B.A.). Chantal moved to Australia in 1993. After having her first child, Robert, Chantal's priorities and focus of interest changed and she decided to change career paths and to become a psychologist. She completed her degrees in psychology at Charles Sturt University and Monash University.

Chantal has been using EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback to successfully treat ADD / ADHD for over 10 years. She first became interested in a natural treatment for ADHD when her son, Robert, was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old. In her research, Chantal came across EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback and was so impressed by the books, articles and professional research she found that she decided to become a trained NF / EEG biofeedback practitioner and to treat her son herself. Robert is Chantal's first success story. He has not had ADHD for 10 years. Since Chantal saw the incredible results that NF / EEG biofeedback had on her son, with her passion to help other kids as well as adults with ADD / ADHD, Chantal went on a pursuit to get the word out to others that there is a successful treatment for this condition that, unlike medication, permanently treats its symptoms. Trained in Australia by Dr. Moshe Perl, Chantal Kayem went on to train with top U.S. EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback experts Dr. Gary Schummer (PhD), Dr. Jack Johnstone (Phd) and Joy Lunt (RN), all international EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback instructors and trainers

Since treating her son, Chantal and her team have successfully treated dozens of cases of ADD and ADHD as well as many other conditions including depression, anxiety, sleeping problems including insomnia, autism, Asperger's, chronic pain, sensory integration difficulties and learning difficulties.

The ADD treatment / ADHD treatment centre is located in Maroubra in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Chantal Kayem Gazal

B.A. (Psyc), Grad. Dip (Psyc), M. Edu, M.B.A.

• Registered Psychologist (PS0073834)

• Professional Membership: Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Customer feedback

David no longer has any problems that he had before. I am eternally grateful to Chantal for saving my son.

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Cathy P. 45 years.
Before going to see Chantal, I had difficulties concentrating, getting organised, and dealing with my stress… Then after NF / EEG biofeedback, I was generally better able to focus on my daily duties without constantly getting off task…I can get myself organised, handle my kids' problems and I am much more relaxed. I highly recommend this EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment with Chantal.

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Con and Angela
We are stocked by the results…and highly recommend it to anyone."

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Today, Alyssa can concentrate as any of child her age. She no longer fidgets. She continues to falls asleep within minutes of saying 'goodnight'...What a difference from what she was like only a few months ago.

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"After the benefits that I saw, I would recommend Chantal and EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback to any parent with a child with ADHD"

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