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Before coming to the ADD / ADHD Treatment, my son David's problems were consuming our lives. From the time he was a baby until he was 7 years, before EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment at the ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre , David would wake up in the night, be disruptive and stay awake for hours. David had ADHD so he had difficulties concentrating on his work at school, he was disruptive in class and he would often be bouncing off the walls. David also was quick to anger. He had frequent intense temper tantrums. We also had problems with David not following instructions and not following rules. At school, David also had social problems, so much so, he was never invited to any birthday parties. I felt lost for what to do. The only option that I was given was to put David on meds but I really didn't want to do that. Then one day, I happened to Speak to another mother Julia, who mentioned that her son Phoenix was attending the ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre and she told me about all of the improvements Phoenix was having. So I decided to take David to the ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre . When I first met Chantal, she said that EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback could help David's concentration, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, tantrums, mood swings and sleep. That was impossible to imagine after years of living with these problems. Knowing nothing about EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback, at the time, I thought to myself "If David only improves by 10%, that would be great!"The turn-around in David has been life-changing. For the first time in 8 years, David is no longer waking at night and I am able to get a full night's sleep! After spending thousands of dollars seeing specialists and doing sleep studies to help David's sleep, this was a turn-around I never expected to see. And whereas David was having tantrums or meltdowns 15 or 20 times a day before NF / EEG biofeedback, he may get angry once or twice a day but he is now reasonable and his anger no longer escalates into an unrecoverable meltdown. David is able to follow instructions without me having to repeat myself a dozen times. He also is no longer bouncing off the walls or needing to wear pull-ups at night. He no longer breaks the rules constantly. He even often asks us permission before doing something. David's new teacher has said that she is delighted with his ability to concentrate. She could not believe the difficulties David had in the past. He is learning better than he ever has before. David is also now playing nicely with other kids and he's getting invited to parties. I had no idea that any of this was even possible or that David had so much potential! David no longer has any of the problems that he had when we first came to the ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre. I would recommend Chantal to anyone who is having difficulties with their child. I am eternally grateful to Chantal for saving my son. I would be happy to speak to any parent considering seeing Chantal at the ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre.

Megan, mother of David 7 years

TestimonialCathy P., 45 years old, adult with ADHD, anxiety, headaches, and sleeping difficulties

I went to see Chantal Kayem Gazal to try and help my daughter's concentration and academic problems and because I was so pleased with the results, I decided to go for myself. Before going to see Chantal, I had difficulties concentrating, getting organised, and dealing with my stress in relation to my two teenage kids. I was also unable to relax, always keeping myself busy by doing something be it the housework, tidying, running errands or paying bills. I was also often wake at night. I had headaches as well almost daily and periodically, I would get migraines for days. Following only a few EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback sessions I started feeling calmer and more relaxed. I was better able to deal with the kids. I was even better able to organise myself. A few more sessions later, my sleep began to improve and I was surprised by my ability not to stress too much with my kids and my new organisational skills. I began writing lists and checking them off which was a first for me. I was also generally better able to focus on my daily duties without constantly getting off task. After more sessions, my anxiety became much better. I wouldn't get into a state, over-reacting to daily hiccups as I used to. And I actually sat down and had a rest, rather than always doing something. Since the completion of my EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment, I am a different person. I can get myself organised, go on with what I need to do and remember almost all of what I need to. I can handle my kids' problems with much more control and ease. I am much more relaxed than I used to be. I take time out for myself when I can. And I wake up refreshed because my sleep is good. But most surprising of all is that my headaches and migraines are gone! I highly recommend this EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment. It has really changed my life.

Cathy P, 45 years.

Testimonial Phoenix R., 8 years with ADHD, impulsiveness, anxiety, worry, difficulties falling asleep, a low mood, low self-esteem and sensory integration difficulties.

I went to see Chantal at the ADD /ADHD treatment centre because my 7 year old son, Phoenix had been diagnosed with a mixed ADHD and a Processing Disorder. He was having difficulty at school sitting and concentrating in class which was having a stressful impact on all of us. We had tried many other areas of treatment without success and both my husband and I felt very strongly about the use of medication for Phoenix. Almost immediately after starting the treatment, Phoenix's hyperactivity eased and he was calmer. His concentration soon improved. Phoenix started completing tasks that he previously struggled to finish and he started to take interest and to patiently play with toys that he never previously played with. Even his anxiety was soon better. He started to be okay with doing things that he feared doing before, like going swimming or auditioning for a school talent show. He wasn't worrying so much. Phoenix was also soon less impulsive, thinking more before doing things he shouldn't. His mood also improved and so did his compliance. It became possible to reason with Phoenix something that was impossible to do before. Even his sensory integration difficulties improved. The need to touch and smell objects around him to overcome his anxiety was greatly reduced. Overall, since completing EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment at the ADD / ADHD treatment centre, Phoenix's anxiety and worry are no longer an issue. Phoenix has stopped having negative thoughts and is so much happier and more confident. He falls asleep within 10 minutes when it took him between half an hour and an hour and a half before. Phoenix is so much better at controlling himself and his emotions and he has become more creative. A thousand thank you's to Chantal and the ADD / ADHD treatment centre for helping us.

Julia, mother of Phoenix 8 years.

Testimonial Rita, 56 year old with concentration and memory problems

Before doing EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback with Chantal, I would be very forgetful. I would often walk into a room and forget what I was going there for. And I would forget if I had taken my medication. I would often lose things, especially my bag, phone and keys. I also had a difficult time concentrating when I was working or reading. When driving, I had a hard time focusing on the road and my mind would often wander. I would spend a lot of time daydreaming and I procrastinated for even the smallest of tasks. After EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback, I definitely saw a marked improvement with my memory. Now, I no longer lose my bag, keys or mobile phone daily. My procrastinating and daydreaming have improved significantly. I am able to concentrate better, especially when I read and drive. I am more organised. And I generally find I have a lot more clarity in my mind.

Rita, 56 years.

Testimonial Braedon M.,8 year old with ADHD, ODD, tantrums, anger, aggression and sleeping difficulties.

Braedon is our 8 year old son and by the time we found The ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre, we were in a desperate situation. Braedon's behaviour was uncontrollable and the violence against his mother was out of control. The last straw was Braedon holding a knife to his mother when he had a tantrum meltdown. Braedon had been through three psychologists to try to manage his behaviour without any success. My wife and I agreed on one thing, and that was that Braedon will not go on any medication to calm his moods and behaviour. The screaming fits when he was not allowed to do what he wanted, the tantrums when he was asked to do something, the inability to concentrate on his homework was frustrating and gave us a sense of hopelessness and exasperation. The relationship between my wife and I, and Braedon and us was strained to say the least.
My wife found Chantal at The ADD / ADHD Treatement Centre through the internet and we both decided to give EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback a try because we had nothing to lose. We started to see positive changes in Braedon after just a couple of sessions. He started falling asleep after 10-15 minutes of going to bed compared to 30-40 minutes prior to starting treatment and his sleep was more peaceful. His tantrums started to become more manageable and the violent outburst were becoming rare and the violence against his mother had stopped. His concentration started to improve and homework became less of a chore. As the number of treatments increased, his overall behaviour and concentration kept improving and outburst of anger were very far and few in between and also manageable. Now we are reaching the end of his treatment and he is a different child. He retained the cheekiness and spark that made Braedon who he is and would have been extinguish with meds, but lost the violent tantrums and outbursts that made life very difficult for us. Braedon can control his emotions now and appears more peaceful inside.

We could not be happier with the results of EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback and we are forever grateful to Chantal for giving us our little boy back.
Juan M., father of Braedon 8 years.

Rasharyn, 9 year old with concentration problems, forgetfulness, underachieving at school and reading difficulties.


Before going to the ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre, my son Rasharyn was struggling with schoolwork and his grades were terrible! Rasharyn was also so forgetful that I would have to remind every day to take his hat, lunchbox and homework book to school. I wasn't sure on how to help him concentrate long enough to actually do his homework let alone long enough to eat his dinner. His school teacher and I were amazed at how quickly EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback worked. He started to concentrate for longer and to sit at the dinner table for longer. In class, Rasharyn wasn't talking as much and he was getting his work done faster. Rasharyn's attitude to schoolwork even changed. He was even able to read a book which was a first for him. He even became more helpful at home, asking "What can I do to help?" for the first time. After only 3 months, Rasharyn's teacher said that she could not believe the change in him. His concentration was so much better, his work was neater and he was completing more and learning more. Rasharn's teacher has said that he has amased to maintain his good concentration and grades 6 months on

Testimonial Mimi, 7 year old with concentration and impulse control problems, forgetfulness, a lack of empathy and noncompliance

When we first started EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment with Chantal in January 2012, our daughter Mimi was having a very difficult time sitting still and paying attention. She would constantly start and stop tasks without finishing them. She was also very argumentative and noncompliant. Soon after the start of Mimi's EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment with Chantal's clinic, we started to see changes. Mimi became calmer. She started taking less time to complete her work. Mimi even started doing her homework on her own, something we had never seen happen before. Then later, Mimi became more responsible, for the first time remembering what she had on the different days of the week at school, preparing her clothes and shoes etc. the night before school and wanting to hand in homework on time. Her reading also really improved. She started sitting still for longer and was less fidgeting. Mimi also became more affectionate and more empathetic, thinking about our feelings rather than only her own. She played much better with her brother and friends, fighting with them far less frequently. Mimi also became more compliant, for example, tidying her room after only one request, staying in bed at bedtime rather than coming out 100 times and accepting, rather than arguing, when we said that we wouldn't buy her sweets at the grocery store. She even started packing things up that she was playing with, without even being asked! Mimi generally was trying to do the right thing when before, doing the right thing was the least of her concern. The improvements we saw were fantastic! We were really happy and excited to see our little girl change so quickly and so positively. After only 3 months, Mimi was able to memorize a poem of 24 lines, something we could never have imagined that she would be able to do. In the past, Mimi would not have wanted to read a poem with 24 lines, let alone to memorise it. Mimi's teacher was also extremely happy with her progress and Mimi received an award at school. We recently had a parent-teacher interview, on 4 months after starting EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback and Mimi's teacher said that Mimi no longer had problems with her concentration and that she was now getting along well with all the kids at school. Apart from Mimi's concentration, her organisation, forgetfulness and lack of empathy are no longer a problem. Mimi has come such a long way thanks to Chantal and EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback.

Alyssa, 7 year old with ADD, academic problems, sleeping problems, anxiety and worry

Before going to the ADD / ADHD treatment centre, Alyssa was struggling with learning including in reading, maths, spelling and forming sentences. Alyssa was very distracted. She struggled to stay on task when completing her work at home and at school. Alyssa was also a very poor sleeper. She would take 1-1/2 hours to fall asleep. Alyssa also had sensory integration difficulties. She was particularly sensitive to loud sounds and certain clothing tags. She would also worry and become anxious about certain things like death.
Following EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback, Alyssa's sleep was the first thing to improve. Within a couple of sessions, she took 20 minutes to fall asleep rather than over an hour. Alyssa also soon became less irritable, less hyper and more compliant. Her concentration improved and she was better able to do tasks, homework and to follow instructions. She started to remember what she had to take to school. Her anxiety and worry improved and she became able to express what she was feeling whenever she had scary thoughts. Within 3 months, Alyssa was able to concentrate for 40 minutes. Her academics improved. She started liking reading and was able to read on her own for ½ hour. Her occasional nightmares stopped.
Today, Alyssa can concentrate as any of child her age. She no longer fidgets. She continues to falls asleep within minutes of saying 'goodnight'. She is no longer sensitive to sounds or textures. What a difference from was she was like only a few months ago.

Louise, mother of Alyssa, 7 years.

Testimonial Sophie, 10 years old with ADHD, sleeping difficulties and academic difficulties

Before we came to see Chantal, Sophie could only concentration for 5 minutes maximum before getting distracted. She was academically behind in her reading, writing, spelling and maths. Sophie was also taking a long time to fall asleep. Since she was a baby, Sophie would wake up in the night every night and want us. She would also wake up so flat in the mornings. After the first EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback session with Chantal, Sophie slept through without waking and woke up more easily and feeling refreshed! After only a few sessions, she was shaper, more focused and more alert with her schoolwork. Her teacher also said that her reading and writing improved. She was better able to express herself, using words I had never heard her use before. To our surprise, she even began riding her bike and catching a ball when she could hardly do these before.
The overall benefits that Sophie has had from this treatment are countless. She has had amazing improvements in her reading, writing, spelling and maths. In fact, she got the best report in her life recently. And apart from her sleep, concentration, academic and coordination improving, she is now remember better, she is less irritable and better able to communicate how she is feeling. Sophie is no longer getting anxious. She is also only having a tantrum very occasionally now. And Sophie stopped interrupting us all the time like she used to. We are stocked by the results that Chantal has made with her treatment and highly recommend it to anyone.

Con and Angela, parents of Sophie, 10 years old.

Testimonial Tessa, 11 year old child with ADHD, aggression and noncompliance

In 2003, my 11 year-old daughter, Tessa was diagnosed with ADHD and I was given a script for meds. I did not want Tessa to go on medication and I wasn't sure what to do. Then I heard about EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback. I thought that I would give it a try. The benefits that she got after 30 half-hour sessions of EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback are so many. First, she no longer showed signs of ADHD. At school Tessa was able to complete her tasks instead of constantly being distracted. She stopped fidgeting and her behaviour in the classroom was no longer a problem. Academically, she also progressively improved. As her concentration got better so did her reading and writing. At home, she completed her homework far more easily. She was also less angry and aggressive, more rational and more compliant. Tessa is also generally happier in herself and with her friends. Through councelling, Tessa and I also worked with Chantal through certain specific difficult behaviours that are now no longer a problem. After the benefits that I saw in Tessa, I would recommend Chantal and EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback to any parent with a child with ADHD.

Cathy P., mother of Tessa, 11 years old.

Testimonial Sean, 8 years old with ADHD, tantrums, low self-esteem and sleeping difficulties

Before EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback, Sean was always prone to tantrums and had a very low opinion of himself or his ability to complete new or difficult tasks. He found it difficult to concentrate in class and was easily distracted. He would not attempt challenging tasks from fear of failing and he would often take himself out of the class or hide from his teachers if didn't understand instructions or found the work difficult. His co-ordination was also not good. Sean also had difficulty getting to sleep, often taking up to 2 hours to fall asleep. Even after the first session, Sean let me know that he "felt good" and he was happier. Over the next months I have seen a massive improvement in Sean. He now sleeps soundly. He no longer has nightmares and generally wakes up happy and refreshed. He adheres to a homework routine, siting and finishing what is required without arguing. His concentration has improved dramatically with very little that distracts him from the task. His tantrums that were before a regular occurrence are now a rarity. Sean also now seems to like himself and is able to make and keep friendships because he no longer sees himself as "different". Sean's coordination and abilities with ball sports also improved and he now likes sport. Everything about Sean is so much more positive, he no longer sees school as a punishment but rather a chance to see his friends. Whereas he hated sport days he now looks forward to it. He has become very helpful around the house. I am grateful that I found a procedure that has helped my son so much as we were very concerned for his future

Kay, mother of Sean, 8 years old.

Chantal Kayem Gazal

B.A. (Psyc), Grad. Dip (Psyc), M. Edu, M.B.A.

• Registered Psychologist (PS0073834)

• Professional Membership: Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Customer feedback

David no longer has any problems that he had before. I am eternally grateful to Chantal for saving my son.

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Cathy P. 45 years.
Before going to see Chantal, I had difficulties concentrating, getting organised, and dealing with my stress… Then after NF / EEG biofeedback, I was generally better able to focus on my daily duties without constantly getting off task…I can get myself organised, handle my kids' problems and I am much more relaxed. I highly recommend this EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback treatment with Chantal.

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Con and Angela
We are stocked by the results…and highly recommend it to anyone."

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Today, Alyssa can concentrate as any of child her age. She no longer fidgets. She continues to falls asleep within minutes of saying 'goodnight'...What a difference from what she was like only a few months ago.

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"After the benefits that I saw, I would recommend Chantal and EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback to any parent with a child with ADHD"

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